Hard Mode Master Ninja Rank Guide

PC, PS4, XB1 - Released 10/06/2021
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Hard Mode Master Ninja Rank Guide

Post by JTB123 » Wed Oct 20, 2021 1:38 pm

Hey everyone, posting this here so I can keep track of the scores in case anyone wants to dig deeper.

For this run I wanted to try and see how much you could skip and still make Master Ninja rank at the end of the chapter. All we can really say for certain is that is based on points but we do not know how many points you need to get the rank for certain.

What I did was limit every fight to only UT and try to make the time bonus whenever possible. Some fights aren't that viable to make their time limits without UTs so for those I would either do as many as I could get or try to make the time limit with ETs instead. Chapter 9 was the only chapter where I had to go back and get some more points on the run doing this approach, I needed an extra 200k to make MN rank but I might not have needed that much.

You can skip a lot and I mean a lot of stuff and still make MN ranks quite comfortably.

Here's the chapter scores and I will post the playlist once I've published all the vids on youtube.

Chapter 1: 494,130
Chapter 2: 659,890
Chapter 3: 837,591
Chapter 4: 553,050
Chapter 5: 354,890
Chapter 6: 675,840
Chapter 7: 1,029,430
Chapter 8: 757,110
Chapter 9: 1,187,230
Chapter 10: 576,670
Chapter 11: 1,072,960
Chapter 12: 1,979,730
Chapter 13: 680,730
Chapter 14: 452,200
Chapter 15: 1,366,682
Chapter 16: 806,030
Chapter 17: 841,810
Chapter 18: 1,706,440
Chapter 19: 395,820
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