Upgraded Skill Tree And Support System

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Upgraded Skill Tree And Support System

Post by Fiend Busa » Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:23 pm

Just lazily sitting around day dreaming of NG4 and thinking of potential stuff Team NInja could add/expand upon.

The skill tree that was added in NGRE was great but it was quite limited and you didn't really have to work that hard at unlocking stuff. I was thinking that they should expand upon the skill tree and add skills that could change that change the combat system. One skill that came to my mind over a post made on freestepdodge was a stun skill.


Level 1: 5% chance of activating during a heavy attack, stuns the enemy for one second
Level 2: 15% chance of activating during a heavy attack, stuns the enemy for two seconds
Level 2: 30% chance of activating during a heavy attack, stuns the enemy for three seconds

You know, stuff like that I think could make the combat a lot more engaging so to speak.

When NG4 eventually does come im positive it will return with almost all the female cast along with Hayate, so why not add a support system. It could be another meter bar that builds up in some way. Depending on the partner you choose, when the bar is full you can activate an ultimate like the NGS2 co-op ninpo, where your partner comes in and helps you clear the room or something for a few seconds lol.

agh I just want NG4 already D:

What sort of new things to the combat do you want to see?
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Re: Upgraded Skill Tree And Support System

Post by reim0027 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:33 am

I want a combination of all 3.

NGB was smooth and polished. There were almost no glitches. The Karma system was much better than in NG2 and NG3. The fights had enemy counters, so you know how far you are into battle. The fighting was a little slow and less combo-oriented.

NG2 was fast and aggressive. No standing around blocking and waiting to attack. You felt like you were fighting for your life. However, it had glitches and many enemies were cheap as hell. There was no enemy counter, which I found annoying. The projectile spam was asinine. Many of the bosses were terrible, and once you got past Ch 11, it was all downhill.

NG3:RE was also fast and aggressive. The weapons felt better, smoother. I preferred this style of combat. The item upgrade system sucked, IMO. Many of the enemies were extremely cheap. I did not like the mission above Mentor. They were just massive boss fights. It was boring, and insanely difficult. Beating the missions above Mentor without a partner was next to impossible without unreasonable skills. Hell, the computer partner was more of a liability. The QTEs were abysmal and the story was too intrusive.

Basically, I want the polished feel and balanced enemies of NGB. I want the aggressive enemies and combat style of both NG2 and NG:RE (more toward RE). I want essence and Ninpo from NG2.
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Re: Upgraded Skill Tree And Support System

Post by Hicho9 » Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:12 pm

Great thoughts guys!

I also really feel like they were on the right track with RE's combat----just needed more polish and improvement in enemy AI (being less cheap) and level design (along with other baked in flaws from NG3).

Honestly, Nioh might be the best thing that could happen for the future NG4. What they are doing with the skill tree in Nioh is something I would LOVE to see adapted to NG. I just feel like with RE and now all this development in Nioh, Team Ninja has really grown in talent and gained valuable experience----they could really be in a place now to make something truly special in NG4.
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