You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games...

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You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games...

Post by Zero-ELEC » Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:45 am

What do you add? What do you modify? This is assuming technological/logistical constraints are lifted (you have the manpower and money needed and it's for the PC).

I'd make a Trilogy collection for the 3 modern games with some changes:
* All the extras of NG and NGB, puzzles and stuff from those versions.
* Rachel chapters and PS3 DLC.
* Interact with/open doors no longer light attack.
* Make Rachel look less uncanny.

*Projectile UTs + infinite ammo.
*Blood and gore.
*"Puzzles" from II.
*Extra chapters from Σ2
*Tests of Valour
*Genshin playable, maybe?
*Make enemies die more like II but not have constant spam. (Middle ground between NGII and NGΣ2)

*Fix animations for Falcon Dive/Raptor with each weapon (It really bothers me, okay?)
*Make VanGelves SoB-able. (Those things are annoying.)
*Add collectibles (Scrolls, Memos, etc.)
*Add one or two Earth Dragon Statues.
*Restore OL moves after air shuriken.
*More Unknown Ninja customization (I want a female one, thank you very much)
*Options for no "Operator" dialogue. (I don't want to hear Irene/Mizuki/Weirdo-with-fake-accent talk to me)
*Fix bosses.
*Add classic enemies to GoM sequences. (GoM from NG:RE, of course)
*Fix level design a bit.
*Add blood to cutscenes.
*Add a few ghost fish somewhere in the game as a FU to the world.
*Make Lovelace not Jiggle, please.
*Make Katana Lvl4 when it gets lightning (to fit the other games.)
*Add Hayate, bring back Rachel
*Add new side Story Chapters for Momiji (Day 5, Day 7 [One Deals Momiji going after the Black Spider Clan and the other with the Hayabusa Village being attacked by LOA{"The death of the dragon clan and its outdated ways will mark the birth of a new millenium!"}]), Rachel (Day 4 [Recent Fiend activity turns out to be caused by LOA experiments]) and Kasumi (Day 3 [Wants to help Ayane out to try and make nice with her, ends up fighting a bunch of LOA military.]). (Kasumi constantly sais "I'm sorry!" throughout the level to the dudes she kills, just to annoy people)
*Redesign HUD to make it clearly show full health, recoverable health and current health.

So, yeah, I put way to much though into this... So what would you do if you got to make a the "Ultimate" versions of the modern NG games?
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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by H.Smoke » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:10 am

I don't think I'd add a lot of things honestly and in fact I think my demands could be easily accomplished by Team Ninja if they decide to make a new version of NG1/NG2

For the 1st game I'd take Sigma as the base

- Put Rachel's chapters aside from the main story
- Fix the time limits
- Add all the costumes from NGB
- Fix some minor glitches like the last LotTG not increasing yout health bar

For the 2nd game I'd take vanilla NG2 and just add the few things that I think Team Ninja did good with NGS2

- First of all GOOD, stable framerate
- Remove the whole worm cave in chapter 9
- Also in chapter 9 I take the dragon boss in NGS2 over the flying fucks in NG2 every day
- Somehow improve water combat or at least make it 'click' or remove it altogether like in NGS2
- Remove the pointless VanGelf tunnel before Dagra Dai
- Also I'd add an 'enemy count' of sorts in the fiend challenges like in the first game. For example if you're doing a FC on Mentor and you killed 81 enemies it will display 81/100. It'd be a rather simple addition that will help a lot to keep track in the challenges, especially in MN
- and of course keep the Mission Mode from NG2

I don't care about NG3 =/
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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by reim0027 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:16 pm

I don't have time to make a detailed post. But, I'd take the level design and the polish of NGB, fighting style (aggressive and OTs) from NG2, weapons (minus Scythe) and CS from NG3: RE. I'd loose the projectile spam, cheap enemies, and crappy bosses from NG2 and 3. I'd keep Rachel from NGS2. I'd keep the girls from NG3: RE, but give them their own story (instead of a couple levels). I'd keep chapter select, successive play, and NG+. I'd keep the training option from NG3: RE. I'd add a "create your own mission" feature. I'd keep co-op play. There's more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by Trax » Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:13 pm

I always wanted NG2 to get the Black treatment. Fix framerate issues, add more costumes other than color variations, add Chapter Challenge like with RE and Sigma 2 but keep most of 2 as it is, stabilize the projectile spam of course but that's about as much as I'd change the base game. I was never fond of the additional missions with Ayane, Momiji and Rachel but I'd really like to be able to fight Marbus on NG2 with the new combat system as Ryu
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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by Murphy's Ghost » Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:01 am

I just wanted to say... this is a really fun topic and thanks for making it, Zero... but I will have to leave a proper reply for the weekend 'cuz I'm going to geek out over answering this. :laugh2:

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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by JTB123 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:53 am


- All the content combined into a single game, so when you launch story mode you get the choice of NG04, HP1 and all of NGB's difficulties.
- Mission mode to remain the same but have HP2 as a separate mode.
- HP scoring system option for NGB.
- Full new game plus mode for NG04/B with increased difficulty.
- Boss run mode and the ability to select every fiend challenge on its own, this could be a separate mission mode.


- Include all DLC and NGB costumes.
- Fix the bugs (busted time limits, mission mode stuff etc.)
- Put the berserkers back to how they were in NGB.
- Give Rachel more abilities and her own separate mission mode.


- Fix the frame rate.
- Expand mission mode, I think this is one area where NG2 significantly dropped the ball. If it weren't for survival its mission mode would be ass.
- Chapter select mode & TOV select.
- Improve the overall consistency of the engine.
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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by julius-ruler4 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:49 pm

I would change something aswell


- Fix the Vigoor emperor 1st form and fix Awakened Alma too
- Fix the UT bug and smoke bomb bug
- Sigma gets Lunar and Nunchaku on Ch1 on hard and higher
- Berserkers back to the style of NGB but the ability to do counter-attacks
- NGO HP1 and 2 scoring system
- Time limits fixed for most encounters
- Rachel (SM and MM) as DLC character with separate story
- Chapter challenge for Ryu
- Clone voice and Ryu voice from NGB


- Enma's Fang as a starting weapon in a new game on a completed difficulty
- infinite projectiles
- More chapters with the other characters as a DLC
- Projectile UT's
- Blood and gore
- Extra bossfights
- time limits on every fight
- scored UT's on every boss
- HP1 & 2 scoring system with max 50 scored UT's/ET's


- NGB scoring system
- Managable items
- save statues
- no health bonus for every fight
- Other characters are DLC's with their own storyline as a DLC too
- manageable essence
- ...

I could give some more but I just ran out of time to finish this. If I get back home I'll finish it and colour the edits with a yellow text while the original text remains white.
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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by Alhazard » Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:40 am

Rework fight timers to something more rational on certain fights.
Fix bugged fights with the time limit you can't get: 3 gallas in chp 6, AA, Emperor 1st form
Put lunar somewhere in chapter 1 or 2.
Remove 2nd dynamo encounter and replace with, NM: A fight with 9 BSNs, max 3 at a time, Hard and VH: Doppleganger with Lunar 150sec, MN: Doppleganger with Lunar 250sec
Remove Doppleganger with Dabi in Hard
Remove Doppleganger with Kitetsu in VH, MN
Replace fireworm fight with NGB's version.

Absolutely make all the unlockable stuff available with microtransactions.
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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
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Re: You get to make the "Ultimate" versions of the NG games.

Post by julius-ruler4 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:49 am

got a few more for NGB/S

- Start a new game with all weapons on their base level and ninpo aswell on base level with all items included like AotS, AotM, AoP, AoF, AoB, AoC and one elixir to start with.
- Add successive play like in NG2

And one more for the PS3 versions

- Fix the input lag
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