LUNAR WEAPON THREAD (a.k.a. the de-limb happy weapon)

PLATFORM: PS3, Xbox 360; RELEASE: November 18th 2012
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LUNAR WEAPON THREAD (a.k.a. the de-limb happy weapon)

Post by RebornLS » Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:34 pm

everyone join in! i'm super excited to hear everyones tips!

How to mimic the 360UT pokes from NG2:
i went into training to map out what i do with the lunar and realized the horizonal upward combo poke isn't on the list of moves(or if it is im missing it) it is: XX->Y->YY

Lunar: THE POKE system(quick kill system) for groups
These moves have such a high rate of de-limb stringing them all together isn't needed. BUT instead i continue the combo momentum by switching to another limbed enemy. the game sees it as a combo but the i-frames continue over.

* means a split second hesitation is required or a no hesitation enemy switch

the danger is there will be ALOT of delimb guys on the field. but the i-frame carry over means no real threat while stringing them togather. the worst thing to happen to me: when i tested this on UN and an enemy would evade...thus forcing me to restart this tactic

its basically my NG2 POMN tactic: delimb every thing then obliterate

Multiple enemies recommended:
fish with XX*X*

example of what i mean: XXXY*XX->XX*X->X->YY*XYXXY or hold Y (after the last *) instead of XYXXY(izuna drop)

the only Xfactor:UN and MN monkeys and KFC fiends

Hopefully some high skill players(unlike me) find some crazy exploits with this tactic.

I doubt i'm the first to figure this out, but i cant find anything on it. sorry if this is poorly worded or poorly explained.
feel free to chew me out! XD
One Move De-limbs
To de-limb most full heath enemies:
After obliteration a BC [STRONG]

OLBC [STRONG] as an enemy attacks.

360 BC [STRONG] is usually boss safe.
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