Ultimate Ninja x2 DS ( Text Guide )

PLATFORM: PS3, Xbox 360; RELEASE: November 18th 2012
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Ultimate Ninja x2 DS ( Text Guide )

Post by ZeeDee » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:07 am

Yo Guys it'z Z Again and i wanted to do a Ultimate Ninja x2 DS text guide for everyone whose interested and i hope it helps a lot of the pros! Probably will take 2-3 hours but it's worth it! * Took me more than 6 hours *

Ultimate Ninja 1 :
Wave 1 - So make sure you run away from your partner to avoid lags/bugs/glitches and then start using your style against the enemies although i highly recommend using the SoB trick to farm SoBs and KI, It's not stylish but safe and great to save HP. So you and your partner should understand how you both play, and know your play style because this trial is tricky without scythe.

Wave 2 - One of you should take Genshin and walk him ( Just to be safe ) And the other one should kill The Claw/Arrow Ninjas And try to save as much HP as you can!

wave 3 - One of you should take the right and the other one takes the left side of the map and i suggest you stay away from your partner to avoid the crap that can happen, So this is the first tricky part about this mission, there will be 2 genshins at the same time ( 3 in total ) and one of you gotta kill 2, but you must kill the second and the third genshin at the same time! Then one of you either goes to take out FG or to walk the 2 genshins while your partner kills FG, ( MAKE FG away from that big tree, So you can glitch Genshins there and make it so much easier for you both! )
So after FG dies, you go and attack genshin once only once, and then you start FS ( Flying swallow ) Him so he targets you without glitching. So same goes for those 2 Genshins, They must die at the same time.
After they die, Run to the right side or to the left side and wait for the last 2 FGs to come, *** Warning don't be blocking, try to keep moving before he spawn in 1-3 seconds because he might glitch and FS you in his air-spawn and you will pretty much lose 90% Of your Health ***
After that use this combo on FG 'ST360T' or 'TTT S' because those 2 combos are the safest!!

Ultimate Ninja 2 :

Wave 1 : Stay away from your partner as much as you can because this trial is already glitchy and you will get so many bugs even if you have a perfect connection with your partner, so try to farm SoBs as well if you just want a win, not a stylish win, and you should be cool, * Use med and dash when they come near you *
And remember to use the Void Ninpo because you need to re-charge your HP duo to the crap that can happen in this trial

Wave 2 : Remember to save a Red UT from wave 1 and then try to kill at least 2 Alcm from it, after stay away from your partner as far as you can because the trial is so glitchy and you will lose so much health if you did one mistake, also pay attention to the Ghost-Ninjas because they can grab you and you will lose 58% of your health, And like always, try to get SoBs on the Alch by cutting their hands * Easiest way is when they are charging wait for the right timing and FS ( Flying Swallow ) them and then do forward izuna drop * Using that tactic will guarantee the alch losing his arm.. Remember to have a good timing when trying to aim for the SoB on him because he can easily grab you and insta kill you! so be careful!

Wave 3 : *** Stay AWAY FROM YOUR PARTNER *** This is probably the glitches wave in UN2! And you will glitch no chance, so be careful and try to avoid the crap that can happen also pay attention to the rockets, and try to get the SoBs again, if you just want a win, But also remember, try to save at least %50 HP and a LV3-Charged UT, because the last wave is so crazy

Wave 4 : immediately! when the wave starts, you take the alch to the start place and fight them, after 13 seconds, regents will come so make sure your partner walks them in the ending of the map, Doesn't matter which side. But make sure the one whose killing the alch stays away from the regents because they will be spamming their balls and your partner will be focused on the alch,
* Best way to kill the alch in here is UT, so how to do the best UT ? Wait him to enter charge mode and then just T him so he will get stunned then you charge a level-1 UT and after few UTs, he die or lose a arm so that should helps a lot, I personally don't know how many alch there but lets say 13-18 *
After all alch is dead, go to take one regent and go as far as possible from your partner. And start fighting him regularly
* Best combo for the Regent is TTT and repeat after specific attacks of his, so when he lose 25% of his health he starts throwing 2 balls, so what you gotta do is
when he throw the first ball, you dash and then 360-T him, then repeat.
when he lose 63% of his Health he will start spamming the balls attack, and it will be 3 balls at the same time, so what you wanna do is, dash the first 2 balls then 360-T and repeat till he die *

Ultimate Ninja 3 :
Wave 1 : Well this is a tricky wave but there's a simple trick, One of you takes 2 ryus to the first column and then the other player takes the third ryu to the end of the map, then he fight him 1 vs 1
* Easiest and safest way is to block all of his attacks then after each attack he do, use TTT and if he got stunned at the end, follow it with a forward Izuna Drop,
or stay far and when he attacks u, just counter it fast ( L1 + T ) and follow it with an Izuna drop
So the player whose walking the two other ryus, he can glitch them and make it easy to him
I will post a video showing how to glitch them in the near future, or if you want it fast, then PM me on PSN * ZDxHz * And i will show you the glitch by myself!
After the third ryu died, you charge UT to level-3 and your partner unfreeze the other ryus, so you will use the UT on them and then each one takes a Ryu. And use same combos at them. He is one of the easiest bosses!

Wave 2 : Well, it's like the same of wave 1, One player walks the two Ryus and glitch them, and the other one kills The Evil Ryu
* I know E-Ryu will sound 'tough' but trust me, he is a piece of cake, just wait him to do UT if you wanna be really safe with him or use Izuna drops and TTTs whenever he do a attack with his Sword of Scythe, *** DON'T ATTACK HIM WHILE HE'S ON CLAWS ***
Also you can always do counter attacks on him, so when you kill him, let your partner charge a level-3 UT and then you unfreeze the Ryus like i said before and do the same as wave 1

Wave 3 : Same as wave 2 * Please read wave 2 * For info!

Wave 4 : O..K this may sounds as the hardest wave but trust me it isn't!
One of you walks 2 E-Ryus and the other one kills the third E-Ryu, so the tactics for you both is
While you are walking E-Ryus they will UT and that's really great! So Keep repeating and repeating till your partner is finished,
* You can use wall jumps in the whole trial but that wouldn't sound fun and it will run the trial *
once your partner is done of his E-Ryu, then he gotta FS ( Flying Swallow ) As fast as he can!
And hand you one E-Ryu
AN IMPORTANT NOTE : If you died and had a 20% HP or Under than you wouldn't be safe so all you gotta do to make sure if you died trial won't failed
is to throw Shurks at the e-ryu so that means you got hit and if you got hit, he can't insta kill you unless you already have 1% HP ** NOT LOST HP, but total HP **
Hope that can helps. so you guys should be safe now, an if you have a really really bad health or too nervous to attack him and use the common tactics/Combos on him, then just use SoB and after u do that, just charge UT as fast as you can, and that should kill him easily, but it will take sometime, i personally like this trial, it requires a lot of team power!

Ultimate Ninja 4 :
Wave 1 : okkkayyy this is so luck based wave, so what you wanna do is, GO AWAY FROM YOUR PARTNER, STOP THE BUGS/LAGS/GLITCHES
and easily fight the sliders with UT or Izuna's.. And try to kill the spiders as fast as you can ( Shoot the mask and be near him, just hold T and he will do a move that allows you to finish him! ) After you will have to take on Brutes ( I personally use sssssstttt on them till they block and do a move that allows you to SoB them, so just dash fast or do a Cicada Surge on him ) And you should be fine, i also recommend using Fire Ninpo duo to the later waves.

Wave 2 : Ok so one regent will spawn, either you or your partner should kill him,
* Use TTT after he finishes some of his specific attacks, when he lose 25% of his health he will start throwing 2 balls at the same time, so all you have to do is dash the first one and then do a 360-T and continue, when he lose 63% of his health he will start spamming his balls and it will be 3 balls at the same time so you gotta watch out! dash the first 2 ** Carefully ** then do a 360-T and you should be perfect!
In this trial, once the first regent loses half of his health, the second one will come and your partner has to kill him, but this is kinda like UN1 with genshins, both regents must die at the same time or The Alch will come and that will be a hell of a trouble so i suggest you/your partner leaves 1 hit with his regent and wait for his partner to kill the other one, once that is done, the rest of the wave will be so easy, Also this wave is a chance to full your HP and KI meter!
so against alch, you gotta wait them to enter charge mode and then FS (Flying Swallow) them and after couple of times, you will cut their hands. and do an SoB which will full your KI with 20% And get u a 3% HP as a bonus of making the SoB..

Wave 3 : Alrghtyyyy, This wave got 2 waves, I know it sounds complicated but once you/your partner kills the first ryu, wave2 of this wave will start!
so Ryu, I explained how to kill him in other trials guides ** Please Scroll up and read UN3 Guide **
As for Genshin, everyone knows how to kill him.
You need to stun him first, use T or S and he will block, so when he finishes the second attack, just do TTT and if he got stunned completely follow it wit forward Izuna Drop, that should take him out very fast! And very safe..

Wave 4 : Yeah, this wave is hard, Harder than you think,
there will be 3 dokus ( 2 at the same time ) So what you wanna do is, you and your partner get one doku and stays very very far from each other because doku shockwave can hurt your partner,
* Make Doke walks regularly and then go away from him (2-3 meters away) and charge UT, IF he threw his sword at you, then cancel it as fast as u can and you will be ok, Just UT HIM, also Jig and Z made a combo, Run SS-S if he blocked do FS ( Flying swallow ) then repeat! *
Once one of he dokus loses 50% of his health
The Mini-Regents will drop ( 3 at same time )( 6 BEFORE ALMA WAVE ) So make sure your partner walks them along with doku and wait you to kill your doku, once you killed him, go to your partner and take doku or the mini-regents from him, either way DON'T FIGHT THE M-Regents now, they gotta be the last enemies to be fought in this trial or Alma and the third doku will spawn and it will be near impossible to finish it!
So once both dokus died, start killing mini-regents and then once you killed all 6 ( I forgot ) Alma and Doku will spawn, what you wanna do is, kill alma first and make your partner walks Doku till she dies, because when either boss loss 40% HP or more, the last Mini-regents will spawn, so if you are looping alma that should be ok.
* Alma is probably the easiest boss, just FS (Flying Swallow) Her till she gets stunned, then do StSS and repeat for the safest way, she should be dead in 20-30 seconds, now it's time to focus on the Mini-Regents and the third doku, so just get the mini-regents away from doku as far as possible and fight them ( Without using UT or 360(T) ) Because they will throw some kind of rocks that can kill your health, just TTT them or SS < STTT and you should be fine..

Ultimate Ninja 5 :
Wave 1 : Not hard at all, when the trial starts, one of you takes the E-Ryus and the other one stays at the start room for 8-10 seconds and your partner must take the E-Ryus to the start room, and you should go to the E-Ryu Spawn room, there you will encounter the first goddess, and she is so easy, but if you did one mistake, then i suggest you restart the trial, but if you didn't get hit, after u kill her, immediately, rush to your partner and one E-Ryu
* I explained how to kill E-ryu in UN3 trial, please scroll-up and read *

Wave 2 : one of you goes to the end of the map ( Near Volf old spawn in NG3 ), and the other one goes to the half of the room, but let him be close from the walls, once the gens spawn, immediately, hie behind the big wall, and now they will be glitched!
As for the person whose taking out the goddess, i highly recommend playing VERY safe with her, so once she dies, your partner should move and unglitch the gens and then fight them regularly (Izuna Drop) Tactic..

Wave 3 : This is the part that shows you wazap, hardest wave. so now one of you go rush to end of room 1 and the other one stays near the right column, after the FGs will spawn ( They can inta FS (Flying Swallow) You and you will die, so stay away from the middle of the map, now teone who walks the FGs takes them to the start room and the other one should rush to the goddess in the middle of map, NOW MARK MY WORDS, *** YOU MUST KILL HER FAST AND SAFE, THAT WON'T BE SO MUCH EASY AS YOU THINK BECAUSE SHE IS THE HARDEST GODDESS IN THIS TRIAL ***
Once she dies, you gotta rush on one of the FGs and use a Void Ninpo on him, that will make him target you without glitches, but if you didn't have Ninpo, then just TSS him till he stops glitching, so you should be safe now..
* i explained how to kill FG in UN1 guide, please scroll-up and read! *

Wave 4 : Oyy yoy yoyyyy, This is a pain-in-thee-ass wave. Trust me!
One of you should go to the next room, ( The one who will kill alex ) And the other one should wait liz to spawn.. Also i highly suggest you kill Liz before alex, because alex vs x2 attack is much easier.
* Alex can be the gayest boss in all of NG3RE, so you should watch out!!!
Especially if you got a bad health, just stay away from him and let your partner kill him!
Alex combo is TTT, TTT, TTT, Continue doing it if he kept getting stunned! and watch out from his grabs, flying grab and his stupid tornado attack.. *
* Elizabeth, She is the hardest boss in the whole game but with loop, she is easier than the regent!!*
* I explained how to kill the spiders in the UN4 Guide, please scroll-up and read *

Ultimate Ninja 6 :
Wave 1 : Believe it or not, this is the most annoying wave in this trial, it can be so cheap, so at the beginning of the trial, the one who wanna kill the reapers should run to the other side of the map and wait for the reapers to teleport near him so he can finishes them off fast!
And the other player should walk the M-Regents and arrow the rockets.. If you wanna play safe, if not, then just attack them, but it will take a hella skill toavoid getting hit. once the reapers are dead, there's 5 i think, you should rush and take only one M-Regent and fight him regularly, Just TTT or do any combo you like but make sure to finish tit with a shurk(O) And the other player should walks them, Like i said before, this is the safest way!

Wave 2 : this wave needs so much skills, it's like 90% Skills, 10% Luck, once the wave starts, 2 Volf at the same time will spawn 1 at the right one at the left
so i suggest if you wanna kill volf, take the left one and make him follow you to the end of the map. and for your partner he can attack and fight volf before liz spawn, once liz spawned, your partner should walk and run and avoid being damaged while you fight the first volf!
* Volf is one of the hardest bosses without spamming 360T, Well there is no trick, everyone knows the best way to kill him, countering-his-counter-attack.
There is only one way to guarantee doing it perfectly ( What 99% of the NG community don't know about, i don't blame them, i blame myself and the top players for not sharing.. ) Is you gotta do SST- then follow it wish any attack you want, it will make it so much easier also if you want me to show you how, add me on psn : ZDxHz, i will show u by myself *
When you become near killing the first volf, your partner must get volf and liz at your side, and then once you have killed him, run to his side * Far away from liz *
Run to the right-counter of his side and the second volf should come!
So your partner job will be walking and running with volf and liz, till you are finished.
Once you killed the second volf, Rush and run to liz, because if you went to volf he will glitch and maybe kill you with a glitched attack, so go to liz and let your partner fights volf, try to stay as far as possible from volf while fighting liz
* Liz is one of the most annoying/cheap/boring bosses in this game so i highly recommend you looping her..
Just wait her to that insta grab attack then avoid it then press T on her if she entered loop-mode then use (ST-T) and repeat or (SS-T) Both works just fine
Also there is another way to get her into loop, stay far from her ( 5-7 meters ) And wait her to dash on you, then simply press T, if she entered loop mode then you are fine! I also recommend healing yourself, because you will get full KI for looping both of them! *
Once the first liz die, the second one will spawn and i also suggest you let your partner loop her to get KI. for the last wave!

Wave 3 : This one is simple, annoying but simple, Zed will spawn near the second liz spawn, so make sure you or your partner go there as fast as you can and try to kill him as fast as possible
* Zed is very easy, Just use SSTTT or STSSST or STSST all works just fine and he will die so fast *
After 15 second of Zed spawning, Marbus will spawn near the third volf spawn so MAKE SURE THE HOST KILLS HIM, BECAUSE USUALLY MARBUS TARGETS THE HOST, And make sure you take him to the end of map,
* Marbus is so easy, just TTT him after every smash attack he do, an S>TSTT or just TTT him to be more safe.. *
Also i suggest the player who fights Zed kills the rockets, because Marbus keeps flying and dashing, so you must focus on him, not on the rockets, after the first zed died, the second one will spawn exactly at the first marbus spawn, and once the first marbus dies, he will spawn near the first zed spawn, so make sure you switch places at the right timing, also **** AVOID X2 ATTACK ON THEM * because they are both so glitched bosses and if they glitched even more, then there won't be any chance to win the trial. so take it safely and don't rush..

Ultimate Ninja 7 :
Wave 1 : well this one is the most annoying wave in the whole trial it features Clawed Ninjas and Brutes and Mags.. So yeah you gotta be careful, try to get them into SoB, also try to UT as much as you can, and make sure you be as far as possible from your partner to avoid the glitches and the lags. And I do highly suggest if you died, then just restart the trial.. Also use the fire ninpo to make sure you have cicada anytime and heal yourself if it got hairy on the next waves..

Wave 2 : ok so the one who will kill Zed must go behind the player who will walk Genshins, so stay at the end of the map and make sure your partner goes to the middle of the map, once gens spawns. your partner must take them to your place and you must go to the other end of the map, to wait for zed to spawn. As for your partner easiest way to walk the gens is glitching them into the big door wall, and you should be worrying about zed only.
* I explained how to kill zed in UN6 guide, please scroll up and read. *
Once the two zeds die, then your partner should FS them, once he did, one of the gens will be on your side ( but your partner is his target " so go behind him and try to launch a Izuna drop. Then he will target you.
* gen is easy with DS. Just Izuna drop him then press T or S to stun him, if he dodged, then just dodge him and wait him to finish another attack, then Izuna drop him again *

Wave 3 : this wave is the best, in this wave you have a chance to get all your HP/KI.. Just cut the Ninja soldiers arms and wait them to SoB, then make an SoB chain, and I am more than sure you will get the enough KI to do a ninpo, once you do a ninpo in the right timing, you will get all your health back.so try to keep it that way and try to get Ki for the last wave.

Wave 4 : alright this is the most luck based wave in the trial, so even if you failed, keep trying and if you are using the right tactic/combos you should get it done!
So you gotta stay behind your partner, the one who will walk Alexs.. Because they change spawn so just stay behind him/her.
Once the 2 Alex target your partner, he should go to the big door and do a wall jump attack.
While you wait for alma to spawn.
* I explained how to kill alma in Un4 guide, please scroll up and read *
Once the 2 alma dies. You should get one of the Alexs off your partner, and just start spamming TTT-TTT-TTT
And he should be dead if you paid enough attention to block all his counter moves, but sometimes he starts being random and maybe grab you while attacking him so I suggest you save little KI to do a Cicada Surge. Once the first Alex dies, you and your partner should kill all the rockets, because you will get hit if you didn't after first Alex, they will spawn at the top of all the map, so keep following the same tactic over and over again on Alex till he dies. But this trial continues to be near impossible. Only 1 team did it. In the whole world.

Ultimate Ninja 8 :
Wave 1 : Well this is a really unfair wave so be ready to rage, try to get Brutes into SoBs and try to stay away from Lasers as much as you can, also don't forget to watch out from the sliders, because they are the cheapest enemies in this wave, believe it or not, Also i suggest u use the Void ninpo because you will need to heal yourself a lot, and try to save as much health as possible, also don't rush things, stay positive and do everything in a calm way, So there ill be like 9-12 Brute, 10-15 slider and 3 spiders i think, * Correct me if am wrong * And make sure you kill the Sliders an Brutes first, also use Cicada to insta block-to-SoB the Brute if he did a Grab move, You can easily make him do it, just spam SSSSS on him, Once you kill 3 Brutes * Without UT * and 1 slider, you will get a Red-UT and that is so helpful in here! So make sure you play safe and in my opinion, if you cleared this wave with less than 60% HP, just do yourself a favor and restart, Because the next waves needs luck more than skill... Also don't be greedy for kills, you and your partner both, Because you will need your partner to win this also i suggest you and your partner be well along and know each other styles, Because the team-power is so important in the upcoming trials, And if you have done this as x2 DS,then Congrats, You and your partner entered NG history and will always be known as the legendary team, because this by far is the hardest UN, I know the tactics/Combos for it only, never done it, so please if you think you are good enough message me on ZDxHz and we shall try it together and see if we got it done as the first team who done that!

Wave 2: Skill-Based wave, One of you should take FG, and he should stand in the opposite of the start place, i mean the other end of map,
when FG spawns, make sure to just fs in the corner to avoid his spawn FS glicth, which will destroy your HP.
As for the one who will kill Gen, he should stand in the middle of the room, and wait for Gen to spawn, he will 100% target you, not your partner
* I explained how to kill both of FG and Gen, please scroll-up an read UN1 Guide *
Once the first FG dies, the second one will spawn in the same place, same for the second genshin. I suggest you do this wave without using your ninpo because you will need it in wave 3, also don't lose a lot HP, the third wave is so crazy!

Wave 3 : Well the most annoying, the most fucked up, the most cheap, the most unfair wave in all of NG3RE trials, If you played it before then you will know why
This wave is so tough, if you just passed it with x2 DS, then you are a legend!! and your partner.
So the tactic for this wave is like this,
One of you walks the regents while the other one kills the VGS..
I know, so cheap, in a small room, and regent will spam his stupid balls, and the most fucked up thing is he will target your partner and insta-grab him if he wasn't focused.
* i explained how to kill regents in UN4 Guide. Please scroll-up and read *
Once all VGS die, you should take one regent off your partner and fight him, so if you guys passed this wave, then you are simply legends! And congrats, because you will have a 10% chance of doing this trial...

Wave 4 : The hardest wave in all NG3RE, trust me, it is indeed hard, so be sure to save as much HP as u can, also save some KI..
What you need to do is, make your partner go to FG spawn and save a UT * Before the wave starts in 5-6 seconds * and you go to Genshin spawn in wave 2, the genshin will spawn in the same place, so take him as far as possible from your partner and kill him as fast as you can!!
Your partner should be in a hella hard time, i feel him, but don't rush, take things in a calm way, and just run and try to avoid getting shock-waved
Once the first genshin dies, the second one will spawn in the same place but a little further, so kill him as fast as u can * While avoiding * Doku BS.
Once he died, then you entered history and be happy even if you didn't make it, because even the legendary team ( Jigsaw - ViVi ) couldn't go that far
So you will need a special tactic for this..
Make your partner walk dokus, while your charge UT in the corner of the map, then let your partner come without running to you, and you should be safe, you will UT them and they will lose a great amount of health so keep doing it, maybe it will take 10-15 minutes, but it's worth it,
Once the first doku dies, be careful because the third doku will spawn in the genshin old spawn, so make sure you change your heading and UT in the opposite of the map.
Once all dokus die, then simply you entered history and you are by far the best team ever!
So good luck to anyone whose trying this and i hope my tactic works just fine! Remember to stay calm, and always take things easy! also if you actually did this, then please save clip and if you didn't have a recorder, then just send it to us, we will record it and send it back to u!! :thumb:
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Re: Text Guide for Ultimate Ninja x2 DS runs

Post by reim0027 » Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:21 pm

If this is any indication, this is going to be a long article. Looks great Z!
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Re: Text Guide for Ultimate Ninja x2 DS runs

Post by Fiend Busa » Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:18 pm

Good stuff Z, will help out a lot of ppl! :thumb:
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Re: Text Guide for Ultimate Ninja x2 DS runs

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Fiend Busa wrote:Good stuff Z, will help out a lot of ppl! :thumb:
it sure is helpful 4 me bc I'm not much of a DS player
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Re: Text Guide for Ultimate Ninja x2 DS runs

Post by ZeeDee » Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:44 pm

reim0027 wrote:If this is any indication, this is going to be a long article. Looks great Z!
Yes bro. it will be a long article, but it's worth it!
UN9 and UN10 Left!
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