For those looking to level grind in Solo Trials

PLATFORM: PS3, Xbox 360; RELEASE: March 20th 2012
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For those looking to level grind in Solo Trials

Post by sneh » Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:49 am

I think the easiest / quickest / least annoying Mission is Mentor 3.

Wave 1 : Grey Soldiers

Wave 2 : White Alchemists

Wave 3 : 6 Bio Gorilla Whatevers & their little Spiky friends

Wave 4 : A solo Ryu

You can get +100,000 in about 5 minutes & it is a non-annoying mission

Wave 1 :A single FS kills the grey soldiers , then SoB them as they're dying to build up the meters. You can quickly build up Ninpo & a UT like that to thin the herd quickly. Work it so that you have UT status when you kill the last soldier , charge it immediately when you kill the last soldier so that it's ready to be released on the Alchemists.

Wave 2 : Release the charged UT when the White Alchemists spawn , SoB one that dies from the UT. Now you should have a full Ninpo already , use that & then clear the remaining Alchemists.

Wave 3 : ID / kill all the Spiky creatures until it just the 2 Gorilla Whatevers are left. You will have UT status from killing the Spiky creatures , So UT the 2 Gorilla Whatevers. UTing 2 Gorilla Whatevers brings you back to UT status again, so just repeat for each set.

Wave 4 : ID Ryu a few times

Easy +100K in about 5 minutes

To me it seems like the least annoying mission to grind with a pretty high point payoff.
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