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PLATFORM: PS3, Xbox 360; RELEASE: March 20th 2012
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Walkthrough up

Post by XNinjaRed » Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:09 pm

This is Day 2, but everybody's seen Day 1 to death now.
Not really impressed, but I'll still get it because I'd rather not judge a game by a walkthrough.
From what I'm seeing though, SoB is practically a mandatory OT except it's with Y AND X, thus no way of actually controlling when to do it and thus destroying lots of Freeforming possibilities and instead of it being against delimbed enemies it's against enemies after losing an amount of health, thus you will only be able to kill enemies with the SoB or stealth.
It really has turned into God of War, except even God of War had the option to kill people without QTE...

Either way, I guess it'll still be somewhat fun as a game, but definitely not as a Ninja Gaiden game.

Oh yeah, and you monkeybar your way the same way as you do the Kunai Climb... Because apparently that revolutionizes it from how you do it in the previous games? :facepalm:
You know, they could easily just have made the Kunai Climb a simple Left Thumbstick Forward move as an extension of the wallrun if you do it on a flat surface, because the whole trigger thing really is unneeded.

I mean the glide for example, I don't have a real problem with it, I think it fits, because it's simple and effective. But the Kunai Climb is just tacky. The idea is nice, but the trigger thing just makes it too QTE-esque.

Same goes for the doors, some of them you press the triggers and mash the interact button. Again, the door animations I don't mind, it's just the QTE-esque way of doing it that bothers me.
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