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Tactical ninja and ninja dogs, Master Ninja, no healing, no UT's, no Ninpo, no air to air combos

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:38 pm
by Ninja Noob
Hey guys, it's been a while. I bought a capture card in 2018 (I think), I wanted to record some footage on this game, but I had to take a break so I put everything on stand by. A couple days ago I got back to it, and I recorded two videos. It's on story mode, MN difficulty, Chapter 3, one of the last gauntlet, in which Ryu fights tactical ninja and four ninja dogs. I did this with Dragon Sword and Talons, both upgraded at level 2, on the following restrictions:

no healing
no UT's
no Ninpo
no air to air combos

I already played the whole story mode on MN on these restrictions, except for the gaja in Zedonius fight. I couldn't figure aout any way to kill them without Izuna drop, so I allowed that move for the fight and killed Zed with the dual swords. I also couldn't figure out Armodillo by any means, and in the end I killed it by luck. While trying to find a way to clear the Zed fight was fun and interesting, Armadillo was just frustrating, so I swear to myself that I will always kill him with lvl3 Void and I just won't care.

I wanted to record the whole playthrough but I thought that probably no one would watch it, or at least not a considerable amount of people, so I think I'll just record short videos here and there. Enjoy: