Ninja Gaiden 2 Anniversary Edition

PLATFORM: PS3; RELEASE: September 29th 2009
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Ninja Gaiden 2 Anniversary Edition

Post by Grayson1048 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:36 am

This is a modding idea.

You know how 360 players don’t like Sigma 2 and PS3 players don’t like Vanilla 2? And both type of players say the other game’s difficulty is cheap, particularly on Master Ninja?

For a 10 year anniversary edition (which, of course, didn’t happen in 2018 nor 2019, so it would have to be a mod), the game’s mechanics should be a middle point between the mechanics of Vanilla and Sigma 2.
The following variables would be taken into account: number of enemies on screen, damage given, damage taken, quantity of enemy projectiles at a time, and grab attack frequency.

(The following quantities are examples, not real in-game measured quantities)

If on Vanilla there were an average of 7-8 enemies on-screen at a given moment, and on Sigma 2 there were 3-4, let there be 5-6.

If on Vanilla a given enemy could take 4 hits and on S2 he could take 8, let him be able to take 6.

If on Vanilla a grab-attack or enemy projectile meant 30% damage taken and on S2 it meant 90%, let it mean 60%.

If on Vanilla one could have up to 4-5 incendiary shurikens stuck or rocketeers firing at a time and on S2 one could have up to 1-2, let it be up to 3.

If on Vanilla enemies tried to grab you every 10 seconds and on S2 they tried it every 4, let them try it every 7.

As you can see, all game mechanics would be a middle ground between Vanilla and Sigma 2, and IMO that would solve all of the percieved cheapness of both.
Also, the girl’s chapters should be removed, I don’t think anybody enjoys them.
Ninja Gaiden 2 Anniversary Edition would be, I think, loved by everybody.

Mission Mode.

Co-op missions should stay, but so should solo ones. The use of Sigma 2’s AI partner should be optional, since he/she makes things harder most of the times, rendering impossible (or almost impossible) some missions that were very doable in Vanilla.

In a word, it should be like NG3 and Razor’s Edge, where one can choose to either solo or co-op each mission. This with the added option of Sigma 2’s AI partner.

Also, the game should have the survival missions from Vanilla back. Removing them in S2 was a mistake.
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