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MM High Score List (27th Aug 2019) - Current Total - 60,020,363

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:39 am
by Massaca
Originally posted by Weibull760 at IW's. If anyone objects to me reposting this I'll immediately remove it

Ok here we go again for Sigma :wink:

I'll be listing the #1 score for each mission. If you break any of these mission scores, then either post it here or PM me. The top score is just the sum of all the top scores for every mission, so we know what is capable.

Mission Mode top Ten Karma Scores

1. WarPhoenix - 58,122,599
2. Hamufurai - 57,571,235
3. Guy1003 - 54,042,401
4. JTB123 - 54,020,000
5. PowLeeTseMan - 53,018,964
6. Secretchocobo - 52,767,661
7. FeelTheFire - 52,322,960
8. Dadziu - 52,048,030
9. Wenpaggy - 51,722,620
10. Brightonlove - 50,308,665

Path of the Master Ninja:
Phase 1- 742,740 - Kellll
Phase 2- 1,925,460 - JTB123
Phase 3- 922,455 - Hamufurai
Phase 4- 641,025 - Hamufurai
Phase 5- 640,950 - TheGodfatherDictator

Nightmarish Phantasms:
Phase 1- 714,357 - WarPhoenix
Phase 2- 995,407 - WarPhoenix
Phase 3- 1,791,342 - WarPhoenix
Phase 4- 1,637,517 - Hamufurai
Phase 5- 1,213,632 - WarPhoenix

Abysmal Lair:
Phase 1- 1,015,357 - WarPhoenix
Phase 2- 1,012,600 - Hamufurai
Phase 3- 1,337,650 - WarPhoenix
Phase 4- 976,335 - Hamufurai
Phase 5- 763,995 - WarPhoenix

Military Destruction:
Phase 1- 473,110 - Hamufurai
Phase 2- 878,352 - Hamufurai
Phase 3- 1,736,657 - JTB123
Phase 4- 670,342 - WarPhoenix
Phase 5- 1,060,547 - JTB123

Descent of the Fiends:
Phase 1- 1,145,395 - Hamufurai
Phase 2- 993,800 - Hamufurai
Phase 3- 941,540 - Secretchocobo
Phase 4- 1,214,055 - WarPhoenix
Phase 5- 863,607 - WarPhoenix

Captivating Goddesses:
Phase 1- 765,702 - Secretchocobo
Phase 2- 602,857 - Hamufurai
Phase 3- 933,787 - Hamufurai
Phase 4- 525,492 - WarPhoenix
Phase 5- 1,078,977 - JTB123

Fateful Confrontation:
Phase 1- 946,377 - WarPhoenix
Phase 2- 888,432 - WarPhoenix
Phase 3- 856,140 - Hamufurai
Phase 4- 968,302 - WarPhoenix
Phase 5- 459,810 - WarPhoenix

Battlefield of the Abyss:
Phase 1- 739,090 - TheGodfatherDictator
Phase 2- 1,097,272 - WarPhoenix
Phase 3- 1,119,245 - Hamufurai
Phase 4- 665,237 - JTB123
Phase 5- 1,122,950 - JTB123

Giants of the Underworld:
Phase 1- 786,200 - Hhggkk
Phase 2- 557,320 - Hamufurai
Phase 3- 1,229,140 - Hamufurai
Phase 4- 770,820 - WarPhoenix
Phase 5- 1,096,335 - Hamufurai

Unearthed Challenge:
Phase 1- 1,095,667 - WarPhoenix
Phase 2- 547,660 - JTB123
Phase 3- 505,735 - WarPhoenix
Phase 4- 587,157 - lslsama
Phase 5- 653,160 - WarPhoenix

Eternal Legend:
Score - 13,014,200 - Kellll

Total Score - 60,020,363 SIXTY MILLION!!! Huge congrats and thank you to everyone and especially WarPhoenix for breaking this milestone :thumb: :yahoo: :cheer:

WarPhoenix - 20
Hamufurai - 16
JTB123 - 7
Secretchocobo - 2
TheGodfatherDictator - 2
Kellll - 2
Hhggkk - 1
lslsama - 1

Re: MM High Scores List (01-13-08) - Current Total - 58,376,

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:22 pm
by stqueirolo
nice but theres nothing about the survivals , i know this missions are not in all the regions but theres some pretty cool survivals missions.

Re: MM High Scores List (01-13-08) - Current Total - 58,376,

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:19 am
by Massaca
I just copied the original list from IW's. I really don't know a thing about the NGS leaderboards and don't have or know anything about the survival missions. Sorry :shrug:

I think the list is kinda obsolete anyway as it's so outdated and I think it was an IW's exclusive thing.

Re: MM High Scores List (01-13-08) - Current Total - 58,376,

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:32 am
by stqueirolo
aaaa ok ok

Re: MM High Scores List (01-13-08) - Current Total - 58,376,

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:38 am
by TheGodfatherDictator
Update UC4, this guy (
) , did 337 575 pts on vid. I actually was watching random video of Unearthed Challenge for NGS.

Re: MM High Scores List (01-13-08) - Current Total - 58,376,

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:53 pm
by TheGodfatherDictator
Update UC1, I just did the new High Score 49 UT+ 1ET about 75% of my health, time was about 750-900 sec approx. Score : 1 092 230 pts


Re: MM High Score List (03-12-2014) - Current Total - 58,376

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:48 pm
by Massaca
I'll recount the grand total later on and double check the 'records' count. Also I can't be bothered changing all the scores from green to blue so new scores in red, others in green. Sorry if you're colour blind :anxious:

Re: MM High Score List (22/06/2019) - Current Total - 59,504,259

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:25 am
by JTB123
Going by the current standings on the leaderboards and the dust clouds that erupt when roll jumping in this thread it's been a while :thumb:

After hooking up my PS3 finally for HD recording thanks to Unwary I've been digging into the leaderboards which are still up thankfully and much like story mode this needed a big update.

Biggest news is that after so many years Hamufurai has been dethroned as the no.1 MM score by WarPheonix :silly2: His scores have pushed the total over 59 million which is positively bonkers :thumb:

WarPheonix and me put together a list of the current top scores according to the leaderboards and had to use some judgement on which ones were bogus as we can now very accurately work out what the theoretical max is for missions and that's how the list stands now.

This is still in progress however as I'm going to search through the rest of the top ten as you never know who may have just one score that is the no.1 for a single mission. WarPheonix knows about the forum now so hopefully we'll see him in this thread soon.

Re: MM High Score List (22/06/2019) - Current Total - 59,504,259

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 11:49 am
by julius-ruler4
I would love to have a breakdown of MM mode aswell as some tactics for high scores on certain missions that are really buggy for score

Re: MM High Score List (22/06/2019) - Current Total - 59,504,259

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 4:03 pm
by Bigalski
Great work JTB!! Looking forward to your vids.

Re: MM High Score List (06/07/2019) - Current Total - 59,574,661

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:51 pm
Hey everyone, good to finally be on the forums. I'd be happy to contribute some of my strategies for Mission Mode on NGS - I'm really hoping that we can push the collective total over 60 million, as 58 million is definitely possible for the single player. Not played Sigma for a few months now, but quickly gotten back into it after watching JTB's "Road to 50 Million" series - still learning loads about this game!

Re: MM High Score List (06/07/2019) - Current Total - 59,574,661

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:31 am
by Massaca
Welcome to the forums and good luck with pushing those Sigma limits :ahhh:

I have no idea if anyone has been keeping this list up to date Because I certainly haven't been :-?

Re: MM High Score List (17/07/2019) - Current Total - 59,824,243

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:38 pm
by Massaca
As per a message from WARPHOENIX, updated the following:

Abysmal Lair Phase 3: 1,315,357 - Hamufurai > 1,315,357 - rhaww (incorrect player labelled)
Unearthed Challenge Phase 4: 337,575 - DEVILRYUUJIN > 587,157 - lslsama
Total 59,574,661 > 59,824,243

Hamufurai 20 > 19 records
rhaww 0 > 1
lslsama 0 > 1

Re: MM High Score List (17/07/2019) - Current Total - 59,824,243

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 10:21 pm
Just got the new record for NP5 with 1,213,632 (170k UTs, ~15k essence, ~270 secs). Incredibly I only got knocked out of 1 UT by the Wisp Phantoms during the second half of the mission (decided to opt for charge-release-charge rather than going for OL UTs), and went from 94k to 170k during this phase. Time could have been improved by 30 seconds or so, as I didn't hit any Pill Bugs/Wasps with two UTs so had to redo those :facepalm2: Also improved my MD4 record with 670,342 (40k UTs, max essence at 13,548, but a pretty slow time of 160 secs) - 680-685k is possible here, but everything would have to be perfect. My total is currently 57,655,744 and the cumulative total is 59,845,120 :smile:

Re: MM High Score List (17/07/2019) - Current Total - 59,824,243

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:11 am
by Massaca
Updated. Hamufurai down to 18 records, WarPhoenix up to 15. Keep kicking ass mate ;)

Re: MM High Score List (3rd Aug 2019) - Current Total - 59,845,120

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:08 pm
Just got two new records: 863,607 on DoTF5 and 1,774,737 on NP3. The 863k run was not too far from a perfect run realistically speaking, could have had one more UT in place of an emergency-release ET for ~871k but the imps don't tend to cooperate for individual UTs very often :smile: While I'm fairly happy with the 1774k on NP3, it could have been a 1.8mil run if not for two UF ETs that killed ~8 minions in total - what's so annoying about these OL ETs is that they really should have been UTs given that 2+ essence orbs were out (or at least emerging) on both occasions :sob: so I missed out on at least the 15k difference there plus a likely additional UT, and the resultant UT'd essence. May go back to this mission as it's growing on me, but it's very difficult to nail the balance between no. of UTs and essence collected. I finished with 170k UTs and about 70k essence, and while more UTs were definitely achievable this would have impacted the essence collection, and with enemies like the crab imps and blue basts dropping 1,693 with AoB when UT'd, you really want to collect as much as possible.

Also improved my CG4 score to 525,492 - 540k is probably the max, but getting blue essence drops consistently in all the waves, together with manipulating the enemies and Murai to generate UTs from single yellow essences, and trying to hit ET/UTs on the boss too, is not consistently straightforward, especially in good time. Totals are now 57,737,280 and 59,893,927 - just over 100k left to reach 60mil!

Re: MM High Score List (3rd Aug 2019) - Current Total - 59,845,120

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:22 am
by Massaca
Tied with Hamufurai at 17 each now.

Re: MM High Score List (14th Aug 2019) - Current Total - 59,922,617

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:29 pm
Got three new records over the last few days: NP2 (Hydracubus) - 995,407 (251k UTs, 6702 essence, ~580 secs); AL3 (ogres/imps in aquaduct) - 1,337,650 (242k, 48 UTs and 2ETs, 30 enemies (17 brown imps), ~32k essence, ~645 secs); GotU4 (Fiend Murai) - 770,820 (~67k ET/UTs in 160 secs). Also improved two of my existing records: BotA2 (Spirit Doku) - 1,097,272 (79k ET/UTs, ~23k essence, ~268 secs); UC5 (Doku) - 653,160 (47k ET/UTs, ~11.5k essence, ~157 secs).

The 995k NP2 run really was a 1000k+ run until the last five or so UTs - Hydracubus didn't have enough health left to tank the body hits that would have resulted from the next Dragon Sword/Nunchuk UT on its tentacle (the previous DS UT on the tentacle left room for only a single hit before losing it the next UT around), and so I had to wait for him to regrow the other tentacle and finish the UTs on that one, which cost me around 30 secs (x2.5 = 7,500 karma points...). But hey, that's more points for the next guy!

Hamufurai's 1055k BotA2 vid posted above shows the core karma strategy (use the camera-centering function [R1] and positioning to keep Doku on the outside of the screen to charge UTs on the ghost fish, collect 8 of the 10 essence orbs with Benediction, then use the remaining two to score another UT on Doku, and repeat for all four waves). My 1097k run just interspersed these waves with additional UTs on Doku himself - this strategy has its trade-offs (time, and quite possibly your health), but you can make contact with a lunar UT during the active frames of his sweeping sword lunge attack and grab animation, and also in the frames immediately after he throws his sword (standing near a wall can rebound his sword and avoid hitting you, making it pretty easy to time your UT release when he's next to you). Provided you score enough extra UTs, this will outweigh the time taken - positioning and release timing is important though, otherwise he'll either block your UT or he won't reach you if he's too far away when you release your UT!).

Current totals are now: 58,122,599, and cumulatively, 60,020,363! :beers:

Re: MM High Score List (27th Aug 2019) - Current Total - 60,020,363

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:03 pm
by JTB123
All updated man. Huge congrats on your scores and pushing the total past 60 million. I know where I'm sending my HDMI splitter once I'm done with Sigma. We need to see you play :thumb:

Re: MM High Score List (27th Aug 2019) - Current Total - 60,020,363

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 11:39 pm
by Massaca
Ah thanks JTB, I meant to do this at work last Monday but forgot.
Amazing to have broken 60 mill now.