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NGS NM Speed Run Notes

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:44 am
by Alhazard
Saw JTB's attempt tonight and here are some questions and comments on this run.

You can use smoke bombs to blind enemies to go through doors. I use it all the time since it is so inconsistent otherwise.

Chp 3: Is it worth to upgrade the dragon sword and the dual katanas?
Chp 5: Can you skip the fight outside the monastery door? And the ninja fight at the end?
Chp 6: Isnt there a talisman on 1st chest right behind we're you start? Also can't despawn the 3 BSNs guarding the drawbridge swich in Sigma like in NGB :(.
Chp 7: Couldn't you upgrade the level 3 dual swords in this chapter? You only need to 360+T twice to break front legs with the level 3 dual katanas, but then you need more money for lvl3 lunar.
Chp 10: Some areas definitely slow down accessing the menu, which is annoying.
Chp 11: Can't you use the explosive arrows for the forced fight at the train?
Chp 12: You have to wait for the manhole cover open on all difficulties :(. Is the 360+T dual swords on worms better than the GB? Also you can grab IS from BSN corpse before underground wall break instead of buying then.
Chp 15: You could use another shortcut in fire cave for 1st skip, which is to wall run over the ledge.
Chp 16: Now in Kelll's NM and ND karma runs, he kills AA really quickly with continous GBs but not sure if this is reliable or not...

Re: NGS NM Speed Run Notes

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:46 am
by JTB123
Thanks for this man, saves me having to rewatch the run :biggrin:

I'll be having another attempt at the weekend, probably Saturday night, I'll post in the chat here before I start. I think one more run to fine tune everything then a serious attempt can get the total time under two hours.

There were some pretty big mistakes and bad boss fights in this first attempt so fingers crossed!

Re: NGS NM Speed Run Notes

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:52 am
by Alhazard
Well I just confirmed that you can't skip the two fights in chp 5 so :(.