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DLC Costumes for free!

Posted: Thu May 12, 2022 4:27 pm
by Farnham The Drunk
Yaiba had some pretty cool Pre-Order bonus DLC costumes that are not available to purchase or aquire any longer... Thankfully they are in the game and just need some workaround to unlock!
Wow.... on disc DLC actually being good for once... the irony is stunning...

(Obviously this only works on PC)

How to unlock ALL the Pre-Order Bonus DLC costumes:

- Download the zip file ( <- My Discord, since the file is too large to upload here! just check the pinned comments in the Yaiba section!)
- Go into the game folder and in 'Binaries', extract both folder contents of the zip file into the win32 and win64 folders in your game directory! Replace the files in question! (a backup is in the zip as well)



1) Camouflage (actually really badass looking!)

2) Nuigulumar (if u do NOT know the movie 'Nuigulumar Z' , do yourself a favor and watch it, its about a gothic lolita girl with a badass talking pink teddy bear who gives her superpowers to fight zombies... Yes u heard right. And now you can enjoy Yaiba in her pink spandex outfit as well lol)

3) Mighty Nr.9 (if u REALLY want those memes flowing)

Costume Trailer:

If anyone is interested in the Nuigulumar Z movie, here it is:

Nuigulumar Z: Gothic Lolita Battle Bear (2013):